Naivskb 8 Pack/Kit

Introducing the Naivskb 8 Pack Series. By the time we found entry skateboarder haven't notice wheels hardware parts much until they failed and risky. Either 8 pack set or the 8 pack kit allow you to replace the whole worn-out parts into brand new. Offering upgraded quality, matching speed unique color, easier finish tricks. Change your attitude in roller skating, skateboard/longboarding or any other wheels sport. Giving enough smooth, durable and long-last then original default factory bearings. Make sure you enjoy & enhance skate experience into new levels.

We are so exciting and pround of expanding our products in UK. Along with the successful experience in 16 pk skate bearings in US. Regarding the similar culture and groups of skateboard fan in EU region, we decided to listing our classic, well reviewed orange and purple series began in that market. We also want people to feel the idea of trying new brand and change their view in Chinese bearings, became willing to share the products use and experience to anyone knows.

Meanwhile, we choose the more compact cardboard packaging to reduce unnecessary waste of metal and foam, more eco-friendly and exquexquisite.

8 Pack Kit, Full Wear & Rust Proof, Stylish




Did you know that every time you skate, always have a spare in case your bearings get busted? Don't let a broken bearing ruin your tricks!🙃