Skateboard vs Quad Roller Skate

Skateboard Bearing vs Quad Roller Skate Bearing

Skateboard and quad roller skate bearings are essential parts of the wheels that allow them to spin smoothly and fast. They are made of metal or ceramic materials, and have different sizes and ratings depending on the type and quality of the skate. Skateboard bearings usually have a standard size of 8mm, while quad roller skate bearings can be either 8mm (608) or 7mm (627) depending on the model. The ABEC rating system is a common way to measure the precision and performance of the bearings, with higher numbers indicating better quality. However, other factors such as durability, lubrication, and maintenance also affect the skating experience. Therefore, skaters should choose the bearings that suit their skating style, skill level, and personal preferences.

Skateboard trucks and quad roller skate plates are both parts that connect the wheels to the board or boot. However, they have some differences:

- Skateboard trucks are metal pieces that have two axles each, one for the front and one for the back wheels.

- Quad roller skate plates are usually made of nylon or aluminum and have four trucks attached to them, one for each wheel.

- Skateboard trucks can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the kingpin nut, which affects the turning and stability of the board.

- Quad roller skate plates can have different degree angles on the trucks, which affect the agility and responsiveness of the skates.

Skateboard Truck vs Quad Roller Skate Plate

Differences Between Skateboard And Roller Skate Wheels

Skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels are different in many ways. Skateboard wheels are designed for skateboards and are usually bigger in size compared to roller skate wheels. Skateboard wheels have an axle connecting two wheels on one side of the board, while roller skates have only a single wheel per axle, and their wheels all line up in a straight line. Skateboard wheels are often supported by a truck keeping them flat on the ground, while rollerblade wheels are aligned and at a specific angle to the ground.

Can you use Skateboard Wheels on Quad Roller Skates?

What are the advantages of using skateboard wheels on roller skates?

Skateboard wheels can be used on roller skates primarily due to their similar construction. Skateboard and roller skate wheels have a flat contact patch, allowing for better control and stability. Additionally, both wheels are typically made from polyurethane, providing durability and grip.

What are the disadvantages of using skateboard wheels on roller skates?

The only issue about using skateboard wheels on roller skates is that you get to lose certain flexibility, something that roller skate wheels are not lacking. This means that pushing it will feel a bit more stressful.

How to choose the right skateboard wheels?

Choose the right skateboard wheels size

Wheel Size (Diameter)

The size of your wheel will change how your skateboard performs. Wheel size is measured in millimeters (mm) and refers to the diameter of the wheel. Diameter is the overall width or height of the wheel (also calculated as 2 times the radius of the wheel.) The bigger the number, the bigger the wheel size. Larger wheels will go faster at top speeds, but will have a slower rate of acceleration, while smaller wheels are slower at top speeds, but have a quicker rate of acceleration. Larger wheels also raise you and your board higher off the ground, which can affect your maneuvers.

Wheel Size Explained

Choose the right skateboard wheels hardness

Wheel Squish (Durometer)

Most wheel manufacturers use the A-Scale for measuring durometer, which is a 100-point scale that indicates how hard or soft the wheel is. Some manufacturers will use a B-Scale which is measured at 20 points lower than the A-Scale. For example, a wheel with a durometer of 80B is the same as a wheel with a durometer of 100A.

Depending on the terrain, harder wheels can roll faster and softer wheels may roll slower, but will have more grip. Harder wheels are built for smoother surfaces like smooth streets and skateparks, while softer wheels are better for rougher terrain.

Wheel Size Explained

Choose the right skateboard wheels shape

Wheel Squish (Durometer)

After diameter and hardness level, choosing the right "patch" is the last criterion you need to decide when choosing wheels for your skateboard.

Contact patch is an important performance characteristic of skateboard wheels. The contact patch of a wheel refers to the area of the wheel that actually makes contact with the road. If you have large longboard wheels, your contact patch will also be large.

So why is contact patch important? If your contact area is large, your weight will be distributed over a larger area. This reduces the compression of the urethane in your wheels and decreases rolling resistance, which can slow your wheel down.

The shape of the wheel also affects the size of your contact patch. Rounded wheels have less contact with the road, while square wheels have maximum contact with the road. The location of the contact plates can also affect the performance of the wheel.

Wheel Size Explained

1: Wheel Diameter 2: Patch of the skateboard wheel

A: Basic wheel B: Slim wheel

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