Naivskb 16 Pack

Introducing the Naivskb 16 Bearing Series: the ultimate solid choice for enhancing your skate experience, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skater. Our research has led us to two options: The 8MM perfect for inline, roller skates, derby, and hockey, and the 7MM compatible with some vintage, classic, and old-school quad skates, as well as double the skateboard and longboard. Say goodbye to low-quality bearings with annoying rattling noise ruining your skate performance. Try Naivskb today and feel the difference!

Vintage Orange (Chrome) 16 pk

Full Chrome steel, super smooth, fast speed, optimal races and clearances. Experience the most smooth in riding and cruising. 

Set of 16 Bearings, as spare replacement in skate park, highly recommended to reuse the lock nuts, washers, spacers to protect bearing wear in slide load and extend lifespan.

Neon Purple (Anti-Rust) 16 pk

Seasons skating choice. Sturdy and durable entry-level bearings with rust proof coating on the bearing rings. After miles riding they still output the stability performance.

We are committed to delivering bearing corresponding components that match the photos exactly, as we guarantee and ensure high quality.

Vintage Orange (Chrome) 16 pk

Session training start from ocean green set. Perfect slow roll for the beginner or skate in mud and moisture place off and on, provide more stability, longevity and corrosion resistance function.