Who We Are

About Naivskb

THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting Naivskb.com (GeeekPink.com), the new brand "Naivskb" (former "Naive") from us to you folks, now we're vending PREMIUM &  AFFORDABLE bearings for skates & skateboard fans on AMAZON.

As said, we are a small business in Guangzhou, CN, with passions for bringing unique ideas to sport living. We chose skate bearings as our 1st project because we would like to offer our customers the great product and solves the problem of confusing skate bearing types. We are just getting started, but our team is committed to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Thus, your feedback and suggestions are very important to us, so please share your thoughts and help us improve our products and create a better life.


Pinky Liang


GeeekPink.com got its name from its founder Pinky with little bit geek, instead of perfering the pink color. Despite having a law degree and working in asset management contracting. She is good at problem solve for many areas and expand her sence into providing unique products for people quality life.  Recently, she decided to turn a new hobby into a reality by starting a line of products for skate folks.

George Zhao


Meet George - Co-founder and our technic guy in Naivskb team. Years of IT service experience made him feel that careful processing and patient understanding customer needs are the key to the perfect products. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and customers receive service after purchasing our goods. If you have any suggestions and questions, don't worry - George will get you covered!

You can also find our products via this links,  same experience to you,

https://naivskb.com/ (New Homepage)

https://geeekpink.com/ (Legacy Naive Bearings 1)

https://naivebearing.top/ (Legacy Naive Bearings 2)