Naive Series (Archive)

Black 8pk w/ Spacers

Vintage Orange 8pk 

Neon Purple 8pk

Naive Skate Bearings 8 Pack Series

Orange Set, Neon Puple Set, Black Set Including

At very beginning, we have a idea, knowing bearings play important parts in skateboard, but industrial bearing lacks of pro and iconic, didn't impressive people while they skating, then the prototype brand of naive comes, to let people remember free heart while working in the big city. They shouldn't worry about getting premium bearings with high price, just equip these goods and enjoy skating.

Vintage Orange Set, Neon Puple Set, Black Set each suitable for

Orange Set for Entry Skateboard, Scooter, Roller Skate, Roller Blades Beginners and upper, Dual Seal will be water proof much less dirt and dust, Suggest additional skateboard spacers for better performance.

Neon Puple Set for: Longboard or Speed Drop Board, Beginners or PRO, Not Easy To Rust With Even Heavy Dust, Need Additional Spacers for Performance.

Black Set for: Skateboard or Any Board, Beginners or PRO, Not Easy to Rust With Even Heavy Dust, to Push Your Limits In The Skate Park.

PS: Please Remove Extra Oil From The Surface, Avoid Sticky Dust and Speed up. 

Neon Puple Set, Black Set Special

● Full Black Oxide Surface Facade

Black Set Special

● 10mm Skateboard Aluminum Spacers (Set of 4)

Offer riders a speedy ride in a straight line, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey.

Installing our bearings is an effortless task that can be accomplished with ease.

Specifically designed for make performing massive tricks easier.